How to tie a Pashmina scarf on the head

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It’s not just magicians who perform magic with colourful scarves. Many of us can do magic with these versatile accessories too. Celebrities around us have already been doing so. For example, contrasting an all-black look with a yellow scarf, or enlivening a basic look with a scarf full of colours. Tying a scarf on the head is the newest way of wearing it. It looks amazing, as well as serves some secret purposes. If you have a bad hair day, or you ruin your hairstyle somehow, this super accessory can hide it with ease and style.

Even though scarves are available in different styles and fabrics, our favourite remains the Pashmina scarf from Kashmir. Pashmina scarves are timeless, graceful and exceptionally comfortable to wear. They have been so since the 16th century when their raw material was discovered in Ladakh.

What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is the art of handcrafting luxury shawls and scarves from fine Cashmere wool. This wool comes from a rare Ladakhi goat, which grows it in winters to protect itself and survive a temperature of -40 degrees. As summer arrives, the goat naturally sheds this wool, which is carried by herders. This wool is cleaned, spun, handwoven and transformed into heavenly soft, warm and beautiful scarves or shawls. These are the world-famous Pashmina shawls.

How to tie a Pashmina scarf on the head?

Ombre pashmina headscarf

Evocative of the pineapple mango daiquiris, this handwoven pashmina head scarf is as refreshing as the drink itself

While there are hundreds of styles of wearing a Pashmina scarf, wearing it on your head makes it the first thing that people notice. And it’s not because of its sheer grace, but the breathtaking colours it has managed to acquire. From pastels, nudes to warm brights, and rainbow colours, Pashmina scarves have it all. Let’s have a look at some styles where Pashmina looks beautiful when tied on the head.

The Bow Style

Fold the scarf once lengthwise

Place the centre on your hairline, such that the two sides should be equally falling from two opposite sides.

Tie these ends into a knot

Make a bow out of these ends

The bow can be slightly pulled on the sides or the back, however you like it.

The Crown Style

Fold the scarf lengthwise

Put the centre along the hairline, such that the two ends are equal

Tie these ends at the back

Bring these to the front over your shoulders

Twist these individually

Place these twisted ends over the crown of your head

Tuck these ends finally at the beginning of the twist

Side Tail

Place the edge of the scarf along the hairline such that the two opposite ends of the scarf are equally hanging

Bring these ends to the nape of the neck (as we do in a low ponytail) and tie a knot

Throw them now over the shoulders to the front, and loosely twist them

Bring them one by one towards your head, and tie them where you want your ponytail to be

Wrap the two ends around each other and pin one end there.

Let the other end fall freely like a tail.

Little Pony Tail

Place the centre of the scarf edge over the hairline

Bring the edges towards the ear and tie a scrunchy

Pull half the scarf through the scrunchy, and twist it.

Bunch it together, correct its position properly, and you are ready to go.

Bun Style

Centre your scarf over one of the ears.

Coil or twist the sides, simultaneously making a bun out of them

Keep twisting till you reach the ends of the scarf

Set the bun properly, adjust its position.

You can give the fine finishing touches of a large brooch by placing the same at the centre of this bun

The Hijab Style

Place your pashmina scarf over the head

Slide the right end over the left shoulder and the left end over the right.

Adjust the sides properly

You can pin the scarf at appropriate points to hold it in place.

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