Indigo Silk Saree

1,899.00 AED

This handmade jamawar saree uses pure mulberry silk warp and weft. The exquisite patterns compliment the subtle indigo colour making it the perfect silk saree for any occasion.

The fabric features the Jamawar weaving technique, where the colourful motifs are usually subtle and are created using the weft yarns themselves, unlike a brocade which uses extra-weft to create the motifs.

Useful Tip: To appreciate the richness of the weave and zari, we recommend viewing the fabric along the length of the hand-woven saree. If present, motif yarns and zari run across the width of a handloom saree, and the richness of the motifs is visible when your line of sight is perfectly straight to these motif yarns, that is, when your sight runs along the length of the saree.

Please bear in mind that a product’s exact feel is determined by numerous factors other than the type of yarn used. These factors include, among others, the type of weaving, the design, the use of zari in motifs, the thickness of the yarns, whether the yarns are twisted before weaving, and the finishing applied to the finished products. Even if they use the same yarn type, these factors can combine to make one product feel distinct from another. Despite our best efforts, some of these product characteristics may not be satisfactorily captured in product images. We strongly advise you to consider the unique product characteristics and make an informed decision that best suits your preferences.

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