The next best shawls to Kani shawls are embroidered Pashminas. These were introduced around the 19th century. It is believed that a trader by the name of Khwaja Yusuf visited Kashmir, and realised the high prices of Kani shawls. These prices did not let commoners wear them, and the high taxes levied on them prevented profits for the locals. Hence he suggested exporting the less expensive embroidered shawls, which were then called Amlikaar shawls. These were equally beautiful as the Kani shawls, but less expensive and exempted from taxes.

 The shawl has been hand embroidered in the realms of sozni Kari that makes it even more pleasing to the eyes

The popularity of embroidered shawls continues to rule till now. Presently Pashmina shawls are embroidered in three different embroidery types called Sozni Kari, Tilla Dozi, and Papier Mache embroidery.

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Kashmiri Pashmina for the locals

For centuries, every household in Kashmir has followed the tradition of gifting their daughters Pashmina shawls during her wedding. It is the most significant part of her trousseau. A woman in Kashmir owns 5 to 6 Pashmina shawls her entire lifetime and wears the most beautiful ones at her wedding. Usually, as a part of the culture, young women or girls do not wear Pashmina shawls, but just middle-aged women and the elderly. But with Pashmina shawls adapting to every modern design and pattern, now women from every age group can wear Pashmina. Shawls now are printed, patterned, laced, Swarovski studded, and solid.

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The beauty of Kashmiri Pashmina

A large number of European customers have had a one-on-one conversation with Mughtaq’s grandfather. He explained to us how they were mesmerised by the sheer touch of this shawl. Europeans would simply buy a shawl to keep warm or as an aesthetic layer for their dresses. But they would end up buying more and more and more. Pashmina shawls from Kashmir had something unique in them, and just one shawl would never quench the thirst of a patron of this art. This uniquely luxurious feeling of wearing a Pashmina was one of a kind

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